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Chemical Engineering Careers

Chemical engineering is one of the most complicated and also among the most rewarding sub domains of engineering. The job prospects of chemical engineers in India and abroad are much more lucrative than other specializations in engineering.

Chemical engineering delves into many diverse fields which can be anything from healthcare to food processing, specialty chemicals to electronics, biotechnology to advanced materials, microelectronics to environmental health, design or construction of infrastructure to manufacturing, textiles or polymers and business services.

Chemical engineering finds significance in every facet of the world where there is some involvement of either physics or biology and both, apart from chemistry. The courses of chemical engineering primarily include math, engineering mechanics, humanities, engineering graphics, engineering physics, computer programming, engineering chemistry, chemical processes, engineering physics laboratory and mechanical technology among others.

Chemical engineers find work in various industries which can range from construction, operation to design, installation to maintenance of plants, designing concepts to manufacturing chemical products, monitoring or supervision of chemicals and chemical plants, chemical extraction, mining to almost every industry you can think of.

To sign up for a chemical engineering course or degree, you must pass your twelfth standard exam or an equivalent of 10 + 2. You should have science in your high school or at eleventh and twelfth standard which must include physics, chemistry and math. Having biology and computers would also be a plus. You need to have a certain desired percentage mark to sit for the entrance or admission tests such as JEE or AIEEE, passing which you can choose the college or institute wherefrom you would get your chemical engineering degree.

You can opt for a degree in chemical engineering or you can get a diploma. For a diploma, you can be a tenth pass out but for a degree you have to pass your high school, twelfth standard or an equivalent. Degrees take about four years while diplomas take three years. You can opt for higher studies after a degree as well as after getting a diploma. Many people opt for a BSC in chemistry and then opt for specializations or diplomas. Chemical engineering is more extensive than a bachelor in science with a major or honors in chemistry.

The career prospects of chemical engineers have always been very high in western countries. India is steadily opening up its mining sectors and is becoming aggressive with its gas explorations and its chemical industry in general. Chemical engineers can find lucrative opportunities today in India itself.

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