Network Engineering Careers

Network engineering is a specialization in the domain of information technology, which was erstwhile referred to as computer sciences. Information technology primarily has two sub domains, one is software and the other is hardware. It is a widespread perception that network engineering deals in hardware but it actually deals with both.

All kinds of engineering or normal courses in computer sciences or information technology are today correlated and if you are opting for software engineering then you do need to be trained and educate on networks and if you are opting for network engineering then you do need to be trained and educated on software.

Network engineering predominantly deals with networking and communication, which are both primarily subjects categorized under hardware sections of information technology. However, you do have to get trained extensive in computer science, software, databases, embedded systems, information systems, general IT and several other specific subjects.

Network engineering needs you to pass your twelfth standard with a desired percentage of marks that would be higher than the cutoff for entrance or admission tests. You need to sit for entrance tests like JEE or AIEEE to get enrolled in reputed institutions. However, there are many private and unrecognized colleges or institutes which offer network engineering. The degrees from such institutes wouldn’t be of as much value as one from IIT or a similar recognized institute of repute.

You can opt for a B.E. or B. Tech in network engineering which is a four year course and thereon you can get a job, start your business or do an M.E. or M. Tech which is a master in network engineering. You may also opt for a diploma in network engineering which is a three year course but not as extensive as a four year degree course. You should have physics, chemistry and math along with computer in your twelfth standard to enroll yourself for network engineering. Some exceptions do exist where you can still apply if you didn’t have computers in your school but you should have had physics, chemistry and math.

Network engineering jobs are galore in India and abroad. India is the IT hub of the world and naturally there would be more IT jobs in the country than anywhere else. With the domestic telecom and IT market expanding along with the increasing use of internet and other advanced communications systems in the country, network engineers would find lucrative opportunities in India right now and in the near to distant future.

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