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Software Engineering Careers

Software engineering has been the most opted for engineering degree in the last two decades in India. Ever since companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys found a global foothold along with the established Indian firms like HCL and others, high school pass outs have aspired to become software engineers. The IT industry exploded, particularly for India, at the turn of the century and millennium when India played a pivotal role to change the dynamics of the global tech race. Over the last decade and a half after having solved the world’s major tech problems, India remains to be the global IT hub.

Software engineering can be signed up for at reputed colleges like the IITs and there are small private institutions as well. Where you would sign up for would determine what quality of education and training you would receive. Software engineering is more about technical skills and training than subjective education. It is unlike other conventional engineering degrees where there is exhaustive courseware but limited scope of personalization. Besides, software engineering has multiple specializations and you have to choose wisely to find what you can do best.

To enroll yourself in a software engineering course, you need to pass your twelfth standard with desirable marks in computer science and you must have had math. You can be a tenth pass out and still opt for software engineering courses but these would be diplomas and vocational training certificates instead of degrees. You must also understand the difference between various computer science courses and software engineering. A BSC in Computer Science is not an equivalent to software engineering. Software engineering degrees are denoted by a B.E. or B. Tech with a specialization in software.

The specialization in software is also subdivided into several categories. You can choose the software language, you can decide what kind of software development you may want to do, you might be a programmer, coder, decoder or designer who wouldn’t work on technical algorithms but on the design elements of any software. All such finer details need to be taken into consideration while opting for software engineering.

There are many software engineering colleges and institutes in India including the IITs. There are several types of admission tests or entrance tests, both at the state and national level, which you have to sit for and pass to be able to apply for software engineering courses in India.

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