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Mechanical Engineering Careers

Mechanical engineering is the specialization in the larger domain of engineering that deals with analysis, designing and manufacturing of machines and mechanical concepts. The subjects that mechanical engineering deals with include kinematics, energy, mechanics, motor vehicles, fluid mechanics, aircraft, medical devices and robotics among others. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most pivotal sub domains of engineering. In many ways, mechanical engineering is at the core of several types of specializations in engineering.

To sign up for a mechanical engineering course or degree, you must pass your twelfth standard exam or an equivalent of 10 + 2. You should have science in your high school or at eleventh and twelfth standard which must include physics, chemistry and math. Some colleges and institutes also require you to have computers in your twelfth standard academic curriculum. You need to have a certain desired percentage mark to sit for the entrance or admission tests, passing which you can choose the college or institute wherefrom you would get your mechanical engineering degree.

You can opt for a degree in mechanical engineering which would be a B.E. or B. Tech. You may also opt for a diploma. A diploma would be a three year course but would be less significant than the four year degree course. Following up the degree in mechanical engineering, you can opt for an M.E. or M. Tech.

In the courseware of mechanical engineering, you would have to cover mechanics, thermo science and thermodynamics, structural analysis and prototyping of machines and concepts, kinematics, computer-aided design and manufacturing, turbo machinery, production engineering, combustion systems, acoustics, nanotechnology, mechatronics, computational fluid dynamics, robotics and tribology, micro-electro mechanical systems among others.

The best institutes of mechanical engineering in India are albeit the IITs but there are many private institutes that have become equally reputed in the last decade. You may also opt for some autonomous universities in major metropolitan cities in India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai or Mumbai. There are a few popular institutes in Bangalore and Hyderabad as well among other cities in other states.

The scope of mechanical engineering is expanding presently and jobs are much more rewarding financially today than they were a decade or two back. The domain of mechanical engineering has widened in recent times and with the advent of homogenous and diversified industries in India, there would be an unprecedented growth in this section in years to come.

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